Work of Margaret Lockwood

Margaret is one of Door County’s most awarded and well-known artists. Her work has been said “to have the power to make the viewer weep,” “to contain the essence of Door County,” “to help people appreciate what it is that makes Door County so special.” Many people want to know what it is that she has painted and then they guess that it is a mown field or sunlight on the bay or the bluffs seen from the water or gathering storm clouds…. and Margaret answers “yes, that it exactly what it is and it could be any place at any time.”

Her new Door County, Wisconsin art gallery surrounds visitors with emotion and beauty and different ways of seeing Door County then perhaps taking a piece of it back home with them. Her best known pieces are her large-scale trees and landscapes which invite you to “walk into” their grandeur.

If you are interested in some of the works you see below or would like to inquire about commissioned work please call the gallery 920-493-3635.

New in 2024

2023 Journey Series

Previous Work