An Invitation To Our Grand Opening Celebration

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Fine Art Gallery In Door County – Grand Opening

You are most cordially invited to the Grand Opening celebration reception, Sunday, May 29 from 3:00 – 5:00pm.  Their will be beverages and appetizers by Nistebox, music by Tarl Knight and a performance by Jaco the Magician.  Featured are the ethereal Door County landscape paintings of Margaret Lockwood, the large scale metal sculptures of Dan Bresnahan, the woven gold and silver jewelry of Angela Lensch and the often whimsical ceramics of Renee’ Schwaller.

This may also be the only time you will be able to tour the entire renovated project including the residence and the spectacular four double arched windows that look out over the bay and Steel Bridge. Light now streams through the windows for the first time in 44 years during which time they were boarded over.  You can see the repurposed vault doors of Sturgeon Bay’s first “bank” then go downstairs to see the performance space where puppets and storytellers and homemade films will rule the stage. A walk-in drive-in theater will be a feature of the outdoor terraced space.

Margaret Lockwood Gallery is located at the intersection of Michigan Street and 2nd Ave. in the old, white PBI warehouse building.  There is parking diagonally across the intersection, on First and Second Streets, and in the parking garage on First Ave.  The main doors face 2nd Ave. The building is in the center of the Steel Bridge Creative District so you are invited down the street to Popelka/ Trenchard Glass and Tarl Knight appears courtesy of the Holiday Music Motel.

We hope you join us for this special event!

Doors Open Friday April 29th at 10am

Margaret Lockwood Gallery To Open Friday, April 29th

The much anticipated new gallery opening in downtown Sturgeon Bay will soon be here. Margaret Lockwood plans to open the doors to her new gallery on Friday, April 29th at 10:00am. The official gallery hours will be Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri & Sat: 10:00am to 5:00pm, Thu: 10:00am to 7:00pm, closed Sundays. Located at 7 South 2nd Ave (at Michigan St) Sturgeon Bay.

Margaret and Allin renovated one of Sturgeon Bay’s oldest buildings at a beautiful location on the corner of 2nd and Michigan, overlooking the Steel Bridge and the bay. Built in the late 1870s, before the renovation, the building contained a vault because there was no bank in Sturgeon Bay and a large cistern in the attic because there was no central water supply system. It has been home to a warehouse, a printer, a cleaner and a tech center before it sat empty for about a dozen years. They worked with architect Virge Temme and and Ahnapee Construction to create a timeless design incorporating contemporary materials, a unifying grid system and the building’s original, many double-arched, towering windows.

In addition to the gallery, the building houses Margaret’s studio, a lower level performance center and Allin and Margaret’s two bedroom apartment on the upper level. There is also a lovely outdoor space which they plan to take advantage of in the coming warmer months. Ideas include a walk-in “drive-in” theater for storytelling or puppets or independent movies. As Margaret describes, “We transitioned from our country setting to an in-town life with less maintenance and more opportunity to enjoy just being in Door County.  Already with others we are dreaming a whole new set of dreams. One of which includes an idea of a Steel Bridge Creative District.”

Previously, Margaret and Allin owned Woodwalk Gallery (founded in 1994) in Egg Harbor which they sold last May to Andrew Seefeldt and Jillaine Burton. Thus they began their search for a new place. The search didn’t last long, the building on 2nd and Michigan was the first and only one they considered for the new gallery.  Margaret says “It was a perfect fit for where we wanted to be and what we imagined doing. The high ceilings and multiple spaces are a great setting for my large scale paintings.  Then we added Dan Bresnahan’s gorgeous outdoor sculptures, Angels Lensch’s woven metal jewelry and Renee’ Swaller’s whimsical ceramics and Margaret Lockwood Gallery came to life.”

Margaret and Allin are excited to welcome guests and friends both old and new to the gallery. Doors open Friday, April 29th at 10:00am. With the Grand Opening Reception on Sunday, May 29th, 3:00 – 5:00pm.

Allin Is At It Again

AllinsSpace“Well, not surprisingly, Allin is at it again.  This Is the bare bones of his Garage Theater or Never-Ready-For-Prime-Time Play Space or… well you get the picture.  Clip lights, bare rafters, a simple stage and an intimate audience.  Over the weekend we brained stormed with other artists who suggested black chalkboard paint for the stage walls, sock puppets for the audience, and eyes everywhere.  Then we found out about a local film looking for a showcase and storytellers looking for a home……. Truly, who knows what the space will want to be!”

Angela Lensch Exclusive Jewelry Artist at Lockwood Gallery

AngelaLensch500“I’m so excited! Angela Lensch has agreed to share her beautiful jewelry with the gallery as my single jewelry artist.  She brings a wonderful eye to her work and a delicacy that is stunning. Trained as a sculptor and furniture designer she has developed a specialized technique that takes precious metals and weaves them together with gemstones and pearls. We think her earthy and intricate designs fit in perfectly in the gallery.

You can read more about Angela Lensch and her international connection which influences her beautiful work on her website Angela Lensch Gallery.

Casualty of Creation

If you look really closely, that is real live paint on the painting wall. Sometimes when you get lost in a painting you may not even notice that you accidentally painted on the wall but in this case, I will not get in trouble for it, it’s just an innocent casualty of creation.  Actually, I rather like those little smudges of paint on the wall, they are like little ghosts of my past paintings, they tell a story.

With my latest painting, the first dab was the hardest…. but I love the end results of this landscape painting.  Now, all around my studio are paintings everywhere waiting to be hung.  Most still fall into my water, landscapes, skies and trees passions but I know the new gallery and city and bridge and neighbors and politics are seeping into everything I do.

I’ve had a good couple of weeks getting ready for being open.  Already people are wandering in.  We’re telling them that we are not open yet but the doors are not locked.  With the really beautiful weather, we are loving Sturgeon Bay.

MarchStudioWork MarchStudioWorkSmudge

Art Gallery In Sturgeon Bay

Lights In The Gallery

The Gallery Lights Are Installed!

Last week I shared with you the process of the lighting installation. Well here we are again, now the lights are installed and my gallery is fully illuminated. I am very pleased with the results and being in my studio gallery just feels like home to both of us.

Art Gallery In Sturgeon Bay Art Gallery In Door County

Art Gallery In Sturgeon Bay


The Lights Going Up In The Gallery

Step by step things are coming together in the gallery.

Thanks to Patrick the Magnificent the first gallery light is on in the main gallery!  The track is suspended and the rest of the lights are going up.  It is amazing what a difference good lighting makes. There is a lot to factor in when choosing the best light for a fine art. You need just the right lighting to show of the details and and full range of delicate colors.

Can’t wait for you to see it once the scaffolding is down…

Art Gallery In Sturgeon Bay

Sites in the City Sturgeon Bay Banner Project

Sites In The City of Sturgeon Bay Banner Project

Sneak Peek of the Sites In The City of Sturgeon Bay Banner Project

Earlier you saw my blank canvas, here I am sharing a little glimpse of what I have been working on. Almost every night when there is a beautiful sunset, this is what we see out our living room/ dining room window. Not a bad view and certainly provides much inspiration. I may or may not be finished with this piece, we’ll see, but I am liking the look of it so far.

We are excited about this project launched by the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center as a way to express the community’s love and appreciation for art. “Sites in the City,” is a light pole banner project that will leave the city awash with eye-catching artwork throughout spring and summer. Read more about it on the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center’s website here.


Getting There

Margaret Lockwood Gallery is not quite ready to open yet but yesterday I started hanging paintings and making the space welcoming.  For the first time in a while, today I hope to actually spend the better part of a day painting.  The space is wonderful and the front doors are in fact, actually open.

Margaret Lockwood Gallery