INSIDE/OUT Performance, Workshop & Meeting Space

INSIDE/OUT is the name we’ve given the lower level performance, workshop and meeting space underneath our apartment. It purposefully has been left looking like a garage – a place where you can make messes, try new things, keep tools of the trade and, in general, have a good time without having to worry about anything being judged. The one exception is that it is also the home of Isadoora Theater.

Our hope is that INSIDE/OUT will encourage people to try new things and share them collaboratively with others some of whom may be audiences. Currently there is a Play Writers’ Group, an Improv Group and a mentoring program that meet regularly; an occasional puppet theater, painting and poetry workshops, movies, musicians, writers, painters and Isadoora.

Like the Drawing for Dummies exercise where you are asked to draw a tree using your “off” hand, behind your back, with your eyes closed, that is a tree and you have drawn it. A pox on your 3-4 grade teacher who said “that’s not a tree”. The good news is that that does not have to be the end of any story.

The whole juicy concoction is coordinated by a calendar on the door and overseen by an antique Burmese marionette lovingly given by our architect Verge T.


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