Allin WalkerAllin and I met in 1992 when he was leading a bus load of persons with psychiatric disorders to a social protest and I, having a sibling with such a disorder, went along for the event. Turned out it was kismet. Since our very first meeting, Allin and I have forged a partnership that has enriched us both beyond measure and created the strong and mutual bond that life-long partnerships are built upon.

The Door County part of our story began when we bought and opened the first Woodwalk Gallery in the Juddville schoolhouse in 1994. The name “Woodwalk” comes from the merging of our last names – LockWOOD and WALKer and as is the case with that name, for the past 25 years we have in all ways been a partnership – in love, friendship, art, business, in life. We first worked together to rehab the old schoolhouse, then an old dairy barn, and most recently, an old printing office turned cleaners.

These are some things you might or might not know about Allin:

He graduated from Brown University and Harvard Divinity (so I knew he was smart) and what I’ve learned to appreciate since I married him in 1992 are his community organizing skills, his passion for politics and social justice, his ability to inspire others through his leadership methods and his gift for oratory. In addition to all that, Allin performs beautiful, personal wedding ceremonies and has been a very effective fundraiser for causes such as Peninsula School of Art, Help of Door County, the Community Clinic. Of course, I also appreciate his enjoyment of good food and the love of our dogs!

Finally, Allin has also dabbled with his own creative side. He has written six audience sing-a-long plays and one puppet show, with another in the works. He encourages the use of our lower level (called Inside/Out) for theatrical productions, poetry readings, movies or whatever else comes along that he fancies, has an interest in or needs an artistic outlet.

I think Allin is a visionary. You can see I certainly get the best of our partnership. I get to paint and Allin does all the advertising, financials, frame making and most deliveries and installations of large-scale canvases, still finding the time to encourage his artistic side as well as his passion for what is right.

As we age together, the bond deepens. We still look forward to the challenges the future holds for us!