How is Fall Different?

Margaret Lockwood outside her art galleryHow is Fall different from the other seasons? Except for the first few busy weekends of fall, for one thing, our entry bell rings less often. That is, unless Fall breezes blow and catch it, announcing the coming of no one, except perhaps a ghost (who might know now we have a bit of more time to engage in such hijinx).

For me, Fall is a season of unwinding. From Summer season’s demands, from the daily schedule, from being tied so tightly to the Gallery. While Summer is about the sun’s warmth, its energy, the flurry and of meeting new visitors and how many invitations to summer art events we can accept, it’s also about getting up the next day and doing it again and again. Fall, on the other hand, is more cool yet warmer, more vibrant yet slower and much more relaxed.

Fall is a season where as an artist, I have more freedom to recharge, contemplate, building creative energy to put onto each canvas. It’s a season in which my color palette might change (consciously or unconsciously) to the shades that are all around me. The trees and aura of the woods of Door County, the moodiness of its skies and water, the natural changes that occur as one season slides into the next season.

Fall is different in other ways. Weekdays in mid to late October might be spent sans a bit of makeup, in baggy pants for the whole day, which delights me. In late October, I might make a date with a friend or friends, go have lunch or meet for coffee, or take a jaunt around the block with Walter and Mona. I might even (gasp) wake late and not begin to paint until mid-day.

On November 1 our Gallery hours change to Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 4:00, but we are almost always here. Living in the same building as the gallery actually increases our off-season freedom, to pop “home”, prep for dinner, write a quick response to a note from a grandchild. So if you’re planning a trip this Fall (or winter) any time Sunday through Thursday and would like to visit, give us a call. If we can’t, we’ll tell you, but chances are, we’ll be here and you’ll be welcome.