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The Colors of Water

“Celebrate Water” is the theme of galleries, theaters, schools, and music all over Door County this year. The idea came to my friend Anne Egan when her son, Dan Egan, wrote his acclaimed book “The Life and Death of the Great Lakes”. She has spearheaded this idea, and through the Community Foundation of Door County, brought it to fruition.

Margaret Lockwood Colors of Water

Like many artists in Door County, I spent last winter painting all about water. Like water itself, the paintings are full of a myriad of colors, patterns, flecks of light, and movement. Sometimes there are horizon lines where water meets sky, other times there are no horizons, only the implied waves and currents with spots of color forming patterns of light touching the water’s surface.

The Boys and Girls Club under Nicole Chapeny’s direction, created an underwater installation in a 10’X10’ canopy which I was pleased to display here on our own patio at the gallery.

Boys and Girls Club of Door County Water Artwork

Past Door County poet laureate, Estella Lauder, shared her exquisite poem “The Color of Water” with me. In words she expresses what I try to express with paint, the mercurial nature of water.


Margaret Lockwood Colors of WaterWhite, when it caps
the waves
and when it falls as snow
or stays
as frost,
so how does it turn
so many shades
lapis, turquoise, sea green
along the margins of lakes
or oceans
and then become
slate blue away from shore?
Does it have no color
of its own
apart from what it borrows
from earth or sky?
How else could we see
straight through it
when it rains?
Ah, but when it pours
it is opaque
and slightly

– Estella Lauter

Isadoora Theatre Proof by David Auburn

Isadoora Theatre Company – Proof by David Auburn playing at our Inside/Out Space

Isadoora Theatre Proof by David AuburnBack by popular demand! On the back porch of a house in Chicago we’re pulled into Proof, a four character play by David Auburn that is in turns about mathematics and the difficult equations of family and relationships, about discoveries that are both scientific and human. The play unfolds like a mystery, a detective story, while always driving forward this engrossing drama whose characters are smart, funny and fully alive.

For full play description, dates and ticket information, please visit our Events page.