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Allin Is At It Again

AllinsSpace“Well, not surprisingly, Allin is at it again.  This Is the bare bones of his Garage Theater or Never-Ready-For-Prime-Time Play Space or… well you get the picture.  Clip lights, bare rafters, a simple stage and an intimate audience.  Over the weekend we brained stormed with other artists who suggested black chalkboard paint for the stage walls, sock puppets for the audience, and eyes everywhere.  Then we found out about a local film looking for a showcase and storytellers looking for a home……. Truly, who knows what the space will want to be!”

Angela Lensch Exclusive Jewelry Artist at Lockwood Gallery

AngelaLensch500“I’m so excited! Angela Lensch has agreed to share her beautiful jewelry with the gallery as my single jewelry artist.  She brings a wonderful eye to her work and a delicacy that is stunning. Trained as a sculptor and furniture designer she has developed a specialized technique that takes precious metals and weaves them together with gemstones and pearls. We think her earthy and intricate designs fit in perfectly in the gallery.

You can read more about Angela Lensch and her international connection which influences her beautiful work on her website Angela Lensch Gallery.

Casualty of Creation

If you look really closely, that is real live paint on the painting wall. Sometimes when you get lost in a painting you may not even notice that you accidentally painted on the wall but in this case, I will not get in trouble for it, it’s just an innocent casualty of creation.  Actually, I rather like those little smudges of paint on the wall, they are like little ghosts of my past paintings, they tell a story.

With my latest painting, the first dab was the hardest…. but I love the end results of this landscape painting.  Now, all around my studio are paintings everywhere waiting to be hung.  Most still fall into my water, landscapes, skies and trees passions but I know the new gallery and city and bridge and neighbors and politics are seeping into everything I do.

I’ve had a good couple of weeks getting ready for being open.  Already people are wandering in.  We’re telling them that we are not open yet but the doors are not locked.  With the really beautiful weather, we are loving Sturgeon Bay.

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