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Sites in the City Sturgeon Bay Banner Project

Sites In The City of Sturgeon Bay Banner Project

Sneak Peek of the Sites In The City of Sturgeon Bay Banner Project

Earlier you saw my blank canvas, here I am sharing a little glimpse of what I have been working on. Almost every night when there is a beautiful sunset, this is what we see out our living room/ dining room window. Not a bad view and certainly provides much inspiration. I may or may not be finished with this piece, we’ll see, but I am liking the look of it so far.

We are excited about this project launched by the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center as a way to express the community’s love and appreciation for art. “Sites in the City,” is a light pole banner project that will leave the city awash with eye-catching artwork throughout spring and summer. Read more about it on the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center’s website here.


Getting There

Margaret Lockwood Gallery is not quite ready to open yet but yesterday I started hanging paintings and making the space welcoming.  For the first time in a while, today I hope to actually spend the better part of a day painting.  The space is wonderful and the front doors are in fact, actually open.

Margaret Lockwood Gallery