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Loving The New Loft and Urban Living

Moving Day Went Quite Smoothly

We are grateful for all the help we received from friends on moving day! We are really blessed to have such caring people in our lives. And, we are happy to report, no major injuries!

It is impossible for a photograph to capture how fantastic the gallery and studio really are.  On Saturday I was able to start moving in paintings, paints, easels, books and everything that helps make Margaret Lockwood Gallery come alive. More pictures to come soon.

Thanks to Virge Temme and all the trades people who have helped make it possible: Ahnapee Construction, Sinkler HVAC, Cornerstone Electric,  Dylan Lauger Concrete,  Travis Price Plastering, H.J. Martin flooring, and Tanck plumbing. All of them took on an old building with hundreds of things wrong and… well, wait until you see.  The photo is of Dylan putting on the final poly sealer coat before I can use the space.