Monthly Archives: November 2015

Margaret Lockwood Gallery construction progress

Getting Ready to Move In

As we get ready to move in, doors are being made, finished, hung and opened. 1- the sliding barn doors to Margaret’s studio, 2- the front doors to the apartment, 3- the brass stenciled coat closet doors, 4- the front doors to the gallery, 5- the old vault steel door and 6- Popelka/ Trenchard’s front doors, our nearest artist neighbors.

It’s A Moving Party!

For those that have already offered, move in day is December 1st.

PhotoOct2732918PMWe will move everything from the garage and lower level into the house on Tues, Dec. 1 at 3:00 and could use lots of help. We will provide food, beverage and fellowship!


Making Progress

Construction is on schedule and 7 South Second Ave. is coming alive.

These are the windows that look out over the canal, steel bridge and sunsets.  Long time neighbors tell us that this is the first time the windows have “seen the light of day” in 44 years.  The photo is taken from the hall into our living room, dining room and kitchen, just inside the front doors. We are looking forward to enjoying the sunsets that will be on display nightly from our living room.