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Margaret Lockwood Gallery Margaret's Wall

The Birth of Margaret Lockwood Gallery in Sturgeon Bay

Margaret Lockwood Gallery Margaret's WallMargaret Lockwood Gallery is housed in one of Sturgeon Bay’s earliest made-to-be-permanent buildings. Built in the late 1870s, before renovation the building contained a vault because there was no bank in Sturgeon Bay and there was a large cistern in the attic because there was no central water supply system. It has been home to a warehouse, a printer, a cleaner and a tech center then it sat empty for about a dozen years. Now architect Virge Temme has created a timeless design incorporating contemporary materials, a unifying grid system and the building’s original, many double-arched, towering windows. In addition to the gallery in the building is Margaret’s studio, Allin and Margaret’s two bedroom apartment on the upper-level and a lower-lever performance center. Outside could be a walk-in “drive-in” theater for story telling or puppets or independent movies.

For the next couple of months, every Monday we’ll post photos of Margaret’s painting wall where you can watch paintings begin and come to life, then leave the wall for hanging in the gallery. For now the wall is under-construction and Margaret is painting in the garage.