Margaret Lockwood Sturgeon Bay Art Gallery

Margaret Lockwood Gallery Commission Painting

Margaret Lockwood Gallery ofers free delivery from Chicago to Minneapolis/St. Paul

Margaret Lockwood Gallery is the home of Margaret’s ethereal, abstract paintings interpreting the beauty and landscapes of Door County. A many times awarded and featured Master Artist, Margaret’s work has the power to allow a viewer to take their experience of Door County with them into their home or business.

The Gallery is located in Sturgeon Bay’s Art District at 2nd Ave. and Michigan Street. The 1870’s era historic building has been refurbished as an anchor for the District. The gallery is open all year by appointment and on Facebook and Twitter. From June to October it is open most days from 10-5. Margaret Lockwood Gallery News features a weekly photograph of Margaret’s painting wall where you can watch paintings begin, come to life and leave the wall for hanging in the gallery.

The Gallery grounds are also the home of the magnificent sculptures of Dan Bresnahan and Allin Walker’s PlayHouse.